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As a photographer I find myself defining the world in terms of light, shadows, and patterns. Capturing beautiful colors, fascinating shapes, and unique textures and facial expressions with a camera is both a challenge and a delight, especially when uncommon perspectives create striking images and lasting impressions.

When at work it is as if the rest of the world disappears and my camera and I are alone with that which is before us. I aim to capture the essence of my subjects with a goal of sharing the stories my photographs can tell. Creating a series and being given a photo challenge give me great delight and the most rewarding part of being a photographer is having others enjoy my work. How grateful I am for those who join me on this journey. Please do sign up for The Camera Journey, my monthly e-newsletter of words and images intended to enlighten and entertain.

If you are still reading and want to know a little more, I describe myself as one who exercises both sides of my brain because I earned a degree in Math and Fine Arts from Vanderbilt University and have worked in both business and the arts. At current I am most known for my photography recognized for its unique dramatic feel. My work is featured in numerous publications and galleries as well as private and corporate art collections. I also enjoy being included in several juried shows each year, and find inspiration in teaching and speaking about photography. As a mother of two daughters I have a passion for the arts and engaging new and young audiences.

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