Biography - Elmore DeMott Photography

About Me

Dedicated to encouraging people to connect with art and nature, Elmore DeMott is a speaker, writer and photographer with award-winning work featured in art collections, publications, exhibits, and arts collaborations. Through this wide variety of work, Elmore shares the message, “Beauty abounds. Seek it daily.” Flowers and mighty pine forests are signature subjects, and her Camera Journey takes Elmore throughout her home state of Alabama and beyond.

Elmore earned her BA in Math and Fine Art from Vanderbilt University and began her career in banking. Next she worked in arts administration before putting her own creative talents to work as an artist. An avid arts supporter who describes the arts as being fundamental to all lives, Elmore was the founding president of ClefWorks, an Alabama arts organization, created to promote the education and enjoyment of chamber music through innovative programming. The internationally acclaimed JACK Quartet claims Elmore as a founding member of their board of directors as does the newly formed New York-based Collaborative Arts Ensemble. For collaborating, connecting and sharing artistic experience, Elmore is receiving the 2019 +Factor Award from the New York-based string quartet, ETHEL.

Elmore considers her finest creations to be her two daughters and the life she has built with her husband, Miles DeMott, a writer with whom she collaborates from time to time.

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