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Passion for the wonders of Mother Nature inspired Elmore to begin her “Flowers for Mom” series, comprised of daily flower photos, in August of 2016, to honor her mother’s Alzheimer’s journey and celebrate nature. In 2018 Maria Shriver, founder of the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement, recognized her as an Architect of Change for this series.

In addition to exhibits and speaking engagements, her photography continues to lead to unique collaborations whereby her art serves as a backdrop for performances such as one with the San Francisco-based Del Sol String Quartet and Norwegian dancer and choreographer, Thomas Johansen for the DAP Dance Festival in Italy.  The 2019 artist in residence for the Photography Festival in Pierrevert, France, Elmore is excited about other upcoming speaking engagements and exhibits to share her work.

As a testament to the power of how her work resonates with people, Jackson Hospital in Alabama has created a “Flowers for Mom” tribute gallery whereby individuals add photos from the series in memory or honor of mothers as a part of their Healing Arts Program. The Emory Brain Health Center in Georgia has a similar program with "Flowers for Mom" images throughout their spaces.

Elmore's art has traveled far and wide to destinations including Pietrasanta, Italy; Mobile, Alabama; and Thomasville, Georgia; with a recent solo exhibit at the Morris Museum in Augusta, Georgia. In 2018 she  spoke at the Morris, the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts in Alabama, Chautauqua Institution in New York, and in partnership with the Black Warrior Riverkeeper organization at Harrison Galleries in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. As a visual storyteller, she revels in opportunities to use her work to enlighten and entertain, and so doing has allowed her to speak and teach at schools and civic organizations in Alabama, Connecticut, Georgia and South Carolina. In 2019 her work in Alabama includes speaking at Bellingrath Gardens in Mobile, exhibiting and working with students at Troy University and lecturing in conjunction with a solo exhibit at the Carnegie Visual Arts Center in Decatur.

Elmore welcomes bookings for speaking engagements to share her “Flowers for Mom” story. Teepa Snow’s Dementia Journal published her article about the “Flowers for Mom” photographic journey, and she has been a regular contributor to Covey Rise Magazine. Elmore's ADDY award winning book, Chulee, about the life cycle of pine trees, is a nod to another favorite subject of hers, and the Red Hills Clothing line supporting the work of Tall Timbers Research Station features designs inspired by her photographs in the great outdoors.

Elmore is humbled by the numerous articles in publications about her work, as well as the many people who have joined her Camera Journey on which she aims to create striking images with uncommon perspectives and lasting impressions.

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